Sign the petition to support our efforts to ensure that victims of medical malpractice receive fair compensation for their suffering and to restore the Medical Malpractice Act to its original intent of only helping healthcare professionals and not the corporate entities that employ them.


Flora Lucero was a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who was her entire family's pillar. She went into the hospital for what she was told was a fairly routine procedure. She left the hospital paralyzed from the waist down and unfortunately passed away a few months later. The hospital where she was treated improperly trained their staff, which led to her suffering and ultimate death. Under the current law, the corporate-run hospital would not pay their fair share to help her grieving family.


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In 1976, the New Mexico Medical Malpractice Act limited compensation that could be claimed by victims of medical malpractice. That limit now stands has not been changed in many years – regardless of how young you are when the malpractice occurs or how debilitated you become.

Now large, out-of-state corporate hospitals have taken advantage of this law to limit their need to compensate those victims – even if their negligence cost lives.

Our doctors, nurses and other health professionals are vital, hard-working members of our community who we rely on now, more than ever in these trying times. But even now, corporate greed prohibits our right to be fairly compensated when we suffer a life-altering incident due to negligence of a hospital.


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Stacie Lovato was the wife and mother of two boys who also served in the United States Air Force for 17 years. Tragically she is no longer with her family due to the negligence of a local hospital that failed to act. Her family now has to deal with the grief and hardship of losing her with little accountability from the corporate owned hospital that was responsible for her death.

“The boys lost a mom…. I lost my wife, I lost my life, I lost all of our dreams. I’ll never have the life I should have had with her.”