Every New Mexican deserves quality healthcare that is neither driven by insurance profits nor dictated by haphazard corporate decisions. Together, patients, providers and legislators must stand up to the insurance companies and corporate hospitals that lobby against fairness for patients.


Flora Lucero was a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who was her entire family's pillar. She went into the hospital for what she was told was a fairly routine procedure. She left the hospital paralyzed from the waist down and unfortunately passed away a few months later. The hospital where she was treated improperly trained their staff, which led to her suffering and ultimate death. Under the current law, the corporate-run hospital would not pay their fair share to help her grieving family.


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Stacie Lovato was the wife and mother of two boys who also served in the United States Air Force for 17 years. Tragically she is no longer with her family due to the negligence of a local hospital that failed to act. Her family now has to deal with the grief and hardship of losing her with little accountability from the corporate owned hospital that was responsible for her death.

“The boys lost a mom…. I lost my wife, I lost my life, I lost all of our dreams. I’ll never have the life I should have had with her.” — Husband of Stacie Lovato


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New Mexico families harmed by medical negligence suffer from life-long injuries, pain, and at times, the death of a loved one. In 2021, patients (supported by doctors and hospitals) passed legislation (HB75, 2021) that balanced accountability for corporate hospitals and insurance companies while ensuring fairness for patients.

Now, we are at risk of losing the historic compromise due to ongoing corporate greed. Insurance companies doing business in New Mexico are prioritizing their profits over patients. Last year (2001), insurance companies collected record breaking profits- to the tune of billions of dollars. Yet, here in New Mexico, they are waging an attack against doctors and patients.

Now, legislators must stand up against corporations and honor the 2021 compromise that patients led and doctors supported.